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Cherished what I Published

Born in the family of Poets, Writers and Hindi Literature lovers, perhaps it was in my genes that I started writing Poems (Hindi Poems),...

Earth started shaking

As my train halted at sleepy Anand station, I got down hurriedly and looked around to see if something has changed. I was coming back...

My Guardian in Uruguay

Still remember that day when my father, myself and others were looking at the atlas to locate ‘Uruguay’ - my first international...

My Gandhi Moment

How do we know Gandhi Ji? What makes Gandhi the legend he was? How was he different from other world leaders? What were his unique styles...

Happiness Maths

Since I already missed my previous train to Brussels, it was important to get into this one, despite it being too crowded. Waiting for...

Father of a Special Child

Two years into my professional career, my son was born. It did not took us long to realize that he has Cerebral Palsy and will remain...


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