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A Lone Warrior

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Sometimes we are faced with strange dilemmas of ‘Act Now’ or ‘Just Ignore’.

In some scenarios, we know that things are not impacting us directly, but we are aware its wrong and someone needs to stand firmly against it.

We are faced with situations when we know shrugging off is easier than directly see things eye to eye.

And there are difficult times when those who we think are wrong are our good friends.

So, what do we do? What’s right? Should we just let it go or take stand?

In these times, it’s our inner conscience which guides us. Our upbringing and conditioning play a role.


Let me narrate this group endeavour, clearly some emerged as the leaders and while no one formally chose them to lead - their initiatives, responsibility, caring attitude and self-motivation of doing most of heavy lifting, clearly stood out.

As the timelines were tight and task was uphill, group really needed these people to help reach finish line well in time.

After a lot of mid night oil was burnt and a nail-biting chase to the finish line, finally everybody’s effort resulted in a fabulous outcome. Greetings and applauds started pouring in from all spheres and whole team was celebrating. In this celebratory mode, it was natural for some to point out the extraordinary effort put in by a couple of members and the leadership shown. In that spirit, most started thanking these couple of members for their effort.

Was everyone appreciating these leaders? What’s your guess?

Yes, you got it right-As always, there was this set of handful jealous, who in fact hardly contributed to this group' task, started this focused agenda to demean the so called leaders. While they were taking credit of the overall achievement on various platforms but were parallelly trying to ensure that no one else gets the credit. Soon the frictions between the two sides– one who worked and led (say 'X') and other who did not want to give them credit (say 'Y'), became very obvious.

Post success celebrations, effort to undermine and humiliate 'X' intensified. Hurt by this treatment, a key member of X, broke down and decided to leave the group. It was a big blow. 'Y' were thrilled that they are back in the game. Wider group was watching it silently.

What would you do?

In this episode, one person (say 'Z') could not take it anymore and took it on himself to raise the voice and call it out loud.

Wider group remained silent. Anyway, previous success party was over, and perhaps group thought let it settle down and they can align later for next endeavour, with whoever wins.

In a group scenario, you are as strong or as week as your support system is. With no one openly taking any side (a few were in touch 1-2-1 to extend their support) this person became lone fighter.

Lone fighter. Fight for what? to prove to them that what they did was wrong. To establish that let the credit remain with those who deserve it. Fight to prove that their envy or jealousy does not give them right to undermine or insult others. On retrospect, I think it was more to underscore the point to all that one needs to stand up against wrong.

'Z' stood firmly to his ground. 'Y' were leaving no stone unturned as well to make 'Z' redundant. It became a battle of nerves or should I say chess. Efforts were made by both sides to garner support and while I mention support, it’s important to note that support is not always about numbers but support of the mighty in any ecosystem. Alignment and misalignment continued.

Couple of months later, there was this show down in full public display, where things were anything but subtle. All the groundwork of last few months played its role. 'Z' still stood alone like a lone fighter (at least it appeared so) facing the wrath from other side.

When one decides to stand alone for a cause, what matters most is courage, determination, grit and perseverance.

'Z' continued to make his point and due to his persistence, indeed course correction happened.

What was the exact outcome is immaterial, wining or losing is always a subjective matter but what was important that 'Z' stood firmly for his belief, made his points, firmly stood against his closed ones, and was able to achieve corrections. Was it really worth it for him? Time will tell but I am sure group will remember for long that one person, all alone, fought it out.

Any guesses for the lone warrior !!

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