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I am pretty certain that you have been in situations where someone (family, friend, peer, supervisor..) asked you – “what's your intuition, what will happen now?”

Or “Who do you think will win this match?”

Or “what's your gut-feel, can we get this deal?”

Whenever we are expecting any outcome, we generally tend to draw conclusions and predict outcome. First we do it consciously/unconsciously at our own level and then in the process we ask people around us - what's their intuition or what's their gut feel.

This is driven by a basic fact that humans like certainty in this uncertain world. Lack of certainty generally baffles us as we feel confident, when we have awareness. We are aware of past, we are in present and we want to be aware of the future. But what is intuition ? By definition, its a thinking/feeling but with no scientific evidence to affirm or negate.

I think pure intuition is worth nothing if its just just random outburst or based on some assumptions.

If we really want to be known for making right predictions or want people to reach out to us for our views on specific subject(s), even if for what they call as intuition or gut feel, its important to put a method behind this whole concept.

I believe that anyone making a prediction of any sort does it on the basis of three main parameters –

(a) familiarity to the subject

(b) knowledge based on gathered facts on the subject, and

(c) expertise accumulated by reading they have done on the subject.

The accuracy of the intuition or preciseness of prediction depends on the maturity level, one has on these parameters.

So based on these parameters, one can make the prediction which is a point-in-time view of a possible outcome and one that is supported by various parameters, not just random blabber.

Astrologers have been revered since ages and in their field, accuracy of forecast makes them big. Again the prediction depends on these parameters. Expertise on these decides how big or small the astrologer is.

Another important thing is practicing – more one practices, better the intuition/prediction. Practicing leads to creation of some mental models, which then becomes a template for such repetitive prediction in a particular area or field

As I said before, it’s a point in time view of a possible outcome. We tend to rely on models that have worked in the past. We find comfort in applying the same to drive a degree of certainty. In the process we forget that we are ever evolving and the parameters influencing our lives are constantly changing, so another important aspect would be adapt as per the changing scenario or additional facts coming to light.

So basically the framework for intuition then is familiarity – knowledge – expertise – practice – adapt

Try it now…may you get all success with your intuitions

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