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Corona - not everything is bad about it :-)

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Lockdown, New Normal, New Abnormal, Masks, Gloves, increasing count of positive patients, those migrant labors, those ambulances, PIP, Deaths,, stranded families, agony, pain and many more such words come to our mind when we talk of Corona or COVID…all gloomy picture, Isn’t it !!

So, is it all bad around Corona, a big ‘NO’

COVID pushed boundaries on the professional front but it also opened up new horizons on personal front. We were not able to explore many things on personal front due to lack of time, overseas travels, stuck in traffic, running from one office to other and similar such constraints.

During these tiring and unprecedented times, our life depends on the sound state of our mind. And for the right state of mind, having some sense of fulfilment or some sense of purpose helps a lot in winning over mind, and then we can win over anything.

‘I haven’t written in ages’, used to be my reply till few months back, to all my near and dear ones, whenever they enquired about my Poetry. I started writing Hindi Poems, when I was in college or perhaps earlier. Had a natural flair for it. Even got a book published by name स्मृति (Memories) during MBA days. But then as got busy in job and also other obligations on personal front, I would have written hardly 5-6 poems in last 10 years.

The pandemic changed everything. I got some time to reinvent and revive my hobby. However, it was not only about additional time, but COVID brought in various emotional fluctuations – sometimes it used to be incredibly positive, creating vibrancy and sometimes stress. This variation of emotions also helped in creating varying themes of poems.

As all corporates and other sectors including education were moving to remote virtual world, poetry was no different. Pre-COIVID poets used to gather at some common place and recite poems calling it Kavi Sammelan.

For the first time, at least in my knowledge e-Kavisammelans started, which helped connecting to poets spread globally. I was fascinated and touched by the plethora and poetic depth of various international poets – learnt a lot. It was so heartening to see that people in this literature world adapted to the technology with so much ease, even quite elderly ones.

Since things were happening online and people were able to attend from comfort of their homes in the most conducive environment, there was lot of positivity, encouragement & support. honest feedback and offer by senior poets to bridge any gaps, helped enable to realize true potential.

This poetry also helped on personal front. My fellow poets will agree that poems helps meditate and concentrate better and also aid in introspection about oneself. It helps me a lot to escape stress and be happy with myself. Also appreciation of your creation, helps in a feeling of fulfillment. All this helped a lot during corona period.

Wrote many poems, attended e-KaviSammelans / Goshthis (including some international ones), organised one in memory of most respected Shri Atal Ji, poems got published/shared in many forums, modernized my website, created my YouTube channel, created facebook page for poems and above all made many new likeminded friends.

With the hope that I won’t give up writing yet again when everything comes back to normal, Writing continues….

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